Surat Rasmi dari Roger Barnett kenapa beliau habiskan duit untuk membeli company Shaklee pada 2004.

Why I Chose to Purchase Shaklee
By Roger Barnett

Hello, my name is Roger Barnett, and I’m the Chairman and CEO of Shaklee Corporation. I’d like to share with you how proud our family is to become the new owner of this great company that we feel is the CROWN JEWEL of Network Marketing. 

Half a century ago, Dr. Shaklee pioneered two industries, the nutritional supplement industry and the network marketing industry. Since that time, for 50 years, Shaklee has maintained the reputation for producing only the highest quality products with over $250 million dollars spent on product research and development, and over 100 published peerreviewed clinical trials. Shaklee’s reputation for integrity in both our product quality and in
our business practices has never ever been compromised.

My family acquired this company because we feel that Shaklee represents the single greatest business investment opportunity that we have seen in the last 5 years. We’ve been in business for over 75 years and have created 4 companies from scratch that today are each worth over 1 billion dollars, and we’re determined to make Shaklee both the best investment that we have ever made and the Number One company in our industry. 

We took 5 years and spend over $20 million dollars deciding which industry and which company we wanted to invest both our time and our reputation in building. So we decided on the network marketing industry, because it is big. It is $80 billion dollars and it’s growing. It is global. We can operate in over a hundred different countries, which means that there is virtually unlimited opportunity for us to grow, with no external market
limitation. And what makes this industry unique is we can only be successful if we make our customers healthier, our distributors wealthier, and we allow people to earn a living while helping others live a better life.
Within the network marketing industry, we looked at 75 different companies, and Shaklee was by far the most significant investment opportunity that we could find. 

Why? Because
Shaklee has the perfect combination of the greatest heritage with a 50-year track record and $3 billion dollars paid in commissions to distributors, along with the greatest potential future of any company in the network marketing industry, bar none.

Today, we are a half billion-dollar company in only 5 countries, and our plan over the next 10 years is to be a $5 billion dollar company operating in 50 different countries. And it will be the people who join us today that will have the maximum participation in that growth.

We invite you to take a serious look at who we are, where we’ve been, and most importantly, where we’re going. The next 50 years will be a lot of fun in Shaklee. It’s going to be rewarding, exhilarating, challenging, and exciting to build one of the truly great companies of our time. I hope you’ll choose to join us and be a part of it. Thank you very much.

You can listen to this message by Roger Barnett by calling 1-925-924-3333.