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Hai korang, buat apa tu? Santai-santai ye? hehe..

Semua orang ada kereta kan? Korang isi minyak guna minyak PETRONAS atau SHELL? First month wawa guna kereta, Petronas pilihan wawa. Lepas masuk bulan kedua, Wawa dah start guna fuel dari SHELL. Korang nak tahu kenapa? 

Sebab, minyak Shell lebih jimat dari minyak Petronas. Itu antara faktor awal yang wawa bertukar kepada Shell. Pada awalnya, kawan wawa yang suggest guna Shell, katanya kita dapat lebih kilometer berbanding petronas. Betul ke? Ini Cerita wawa. 

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1) They were the first oil company in Malaysia.
This took me by surprise but it’s true. Royal Dutch Shell first began looking for oil in Malaysia at the end of the 19th century.Then in 1910 its first oil well was drilled in Miri, Sarawak.
2) Shell first started by selling seashells.
The company was started by Marcus Samuel, which originally sold antiques. He later branched into selling the import and sale of oriental shells to capitalize on the popularity of these shells as decorative items during that time. When he passed away, the business was passed down to his sons – Marcus Jr. and Samuel, who in 1897 renamed the company to The Shell Transport and Trading Company. (I guess we’ll never know what kind of business a company might end up in. Hey maybe one day Nuffnang might be an oil company too.)
3) Remember the oil tankers we have today? The Samuel brothers were one of the pioneers of it.
One day the Samuel brothers had the idea of making ships that were built only for the purpose of carrying as much oil as they could. This allowed them to increase the volume of oil they could carry and hence cutting the price of oil. Their business flourished.
I imagine before oil tankers came along people transported oil in barrels which was probably really inefficient in comparison with an entire tanker with one huge tank.
4) But how did the name Royal Dutch Shell come along then?
With his oil transportation business flourishing, Marcus decided to look to the Far East to find other sources of oil. In Borneo he found Royal Dutch Oil and the two companies partnered in 1903 to challenge the biggest oil company at the time: Standard Oil. This partnership and eventual merger led to what is known today as Royal Dutch Shell.
5) If Shell were a country how big would it be?
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell) pulled in USD$421.105 billion in revenue in 2014. That’s about 30% more than the GDP of the entire Malaysia in 2013. If Shell were a country, it’s revenue would make it the 29th biggest country in the world in terms of GDP. Ahead of Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.
6) Shell was one of the early international companies to start work force equality.
In the 1960s Shell undertook a policy that was uncommon among companies at the time.They placed local people in top positions in the respective countries they were in. Asians, Africans and South Americans were all placed in top positions in their respective countries and given as much independence as possible to run the Shell operations locally.
7) Shell has over 950 petrol stations in Malaysia
That’s more than 6 times the number of Starbucks we have in Malaysia (as of 2013. Each and every one of these 950 petrol stations will be undergoing a three-year transformational programmed called “Welcome to Shell” which will bring in a high standard of hospitality and customer service. There are plans to upgrade the Shell Select stores so they’ll have freshly prepared pastries and drinks from deli2go as well as improved facilities like prayer rooms and rest rooms. This will gradually be rolled out among Shell stations, so go out and experience it when you get the chance. Deli2go isn’t just like a case of pastries in the Select Store. It’s a proper takeaway Deli and the pastries are freshly baked on-site. If you want to see what it’s like you can check it out here.