Cartier keeps rolling out top-drawer watches every day, with top-tech models having the finest finishing and excellent designs that retail in numerous stores. While these new watches keep bombarding most men, leaving them digging deep into their pockets, there remains a few long-standing models that have withstood the test of time to date. These watches’ values are timeless and still keep turning heads with their unfading class.

1. The Cartier Tank

Designed in 1917 by Louis Cartier, this watch is an antique that has stood the test of time. Its dapper rectangular form and ornate design make it the most cherished possession among most men. This classic watch dubs a unique design and subtle craftsmanship, giving it a splendid appearance and feel. The watch is an ideal possession to match any style, from medieval to contemporary fashions. Having this watch completes the feel of luxury and elevates your wardrobe to inexplicable levels. Getting this watch isn’t challenging, and you can find it in numerous stores in Singapore, try to visit and many others.

2. The Cartier Santos

Nothing feels good like patching a recapture of history on your wrists. The Cartier Santos watch is one of the few classic watches that bear historical significance while boasting unique style and value. Designed by Alberto Santos-Dumont, the watch is a special tribute to an iconic moment that led to its launching in 1904. This masculine square watch is revolutionary and a pure sensation in the watch industry. Although the company has developed subsequent model designs, the key features, taste, and feel still stand. Having this watch will elevate your wardrobe to give you a gentleman’s feel.

3. The Cartier Cloche

Uniqueness is the new style that makes you stand out among the rest, and the Cartier cloche watches put you above everyone. It has a church bell-like shape making it appear like a dome, a unique model that ever existed in the wristwatch market. It was designed in 1922 and can show time when on your wrists or positioned on the table. Its leather straps are something out of this world, with a lustrous appearance noticeable from afar. If anything, adding this classic watch to your wardrobe will make you stand out.

4. Les Must de Cartier

This watch first launched in 1973 and has had an incredible taste amongst most men who see fashion as art. Like all Cartier watch models, it’s also rectangular with a minimal display and a simple design. The watch is not only ideal for impeccable looks but a depiction of class and elegance. With its uncomplicated design and inimitable shape, the watch fits the perfect taste of any gentleman. Line it up with suits with different colors, including black, grey, or navy blue. Or instead, tag along with some casual wear with darker shades.

Since the first Cartier watches launched in 1904, this brand has withstood the most arduous test of time and has unrolled enviable history. Most brands still retain the original taste, although they’ve undergone modifications over time. Pretty sure getting this classic watch in the numerous stores will not just give you the feel of luxury you crave. Besides, it’ll also elevate your wardrobe to stand out amongst most men.