Assalamualaikum wbt,

Pagi ni wawa perasan ramai benar yang update line celcom tengah problem. Masing-masing tak dapat nak online. Rupa-rupanya memang betul, celcom tengah maintenance.

Khas Untuk Celcom User.

TA Broadcast in progress...

Dear Tech Alert Admin,

Below is for your action for Tech Alert.

•         Hi-Critical

•         Customers Unable to Make Outgoing Call.
•         Celcom Subscribers Nationwide .
•         Reference Trouble Ticket: NTT: 1-100429987341)

Service Affected:
•         VOICE

User Affected:

Affected Time:
The affected time is as follows:-
•         Date: 13th June 2017
•         Start/End Time: 06:45AM until further notice
•         Duration: TBA

Technical Details:
·         Suspect due to router or switch failure.

Tech teams are working to resolve the issue.