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Wudhu & Science... amazing...!!!

 Wudhu has many scientific benefit on human being...
But remember we should do wudhu for the pleasure of Allah.

 A Seminar in West Germany :
The problem of depression is growing in the Western countries, brain failures r being reported & more mental asylums r being established.  Long queues of psychiatric patients may be seen before Psychiatrists.

A Pakistani physiotherapist who holds a diploma from West Germany states that a seminar on the topic “What cures other than medicines r possible for depression” was held in Western Germany. 

Wudhu & Depression..!!!
One of the doctors revealed an amazing discovery in his speech by saying, “I get the face of patients with depression washed five times per day & after few days their disease reduced.  Then I get the face, hands & feet of a similar group of patients washed five times a day & they healed up to a great extent."

The same doctor accepts in the end of his speech that the problem of depression is less in Muslims as they wash face, hands & feet (i.e. during Wudhu) several times daily.

Wudhu & The Blood Pressure..!
A heart specialist assures that if a patient of hypertension is asked to perform Wudhu & then his blood pressure is checked, his B.P. will be definitely lower.  A Muslim Psychiatrist states, “The best cure for psychiatric patients lies in Wudhu.”  The western experts get body parts of psychiatric patients washed several times like Wudhu.

Wudhu & Paralysis...!
Even the order of washing organs during Wudhu is beneficial.  Washing of hands in the first step motivates the nervous system of the body & then slowly effects transmit towards veins of face & brain.  The order of washing hands, then mouth-wash, then nose-wash & then washing of remaining organs reduces probability of paralysis.

Pls spread this msg & let the whole world know that whatever Allah commands is for the benefit of mankind.
Subhanallah... what more if we were to do it in the name of Allah..!!!


MasyaAllah.. Nak hilangkan marah pun Rasulullah pesan suruh ambil wuduk.