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Pengalaman Jennifer Balan.

Having a high blood pressure to me is something that i wish to avoid but stress, unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle contributes to it.

Apart from taking daily medication, these are what i add to my daily diet:

Its important to maintain a normal BMI as it could reduce high blood pressure and a low glycemic index (GI) food should be in daily diet. Low GI foods cause you to feel fuller for longer time that helps to control your appetite and very useful to lose weight.  ESP protein powder is my choice for a healthy low GI afternoon break. 

Did you know one of the cause of high blood - the artery from the heart becomes thicker, stiffer and less flexible as we age?  Then heart have to work harder that lead to thickening of the heart muscles that may relate to palpitation.  Vitamin C is a nutrient that keeps walls of the veins and arteries flexible and strong since it is needed to manufacture the elastic fibers collagen and elastine.

Vitamin E help the heart muscle use oxygen more efficiently and it has anti-inflammatory that help prevent blood clotting.

Omega Guard is rich in Omega-3 that promotes healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride.

There is a reason why we should eat more vegetables, as there are sterols and stanols in them that has similar structure to cholesterol, and they can compete for absorption.  This means they help to prevent cholesterol being absorbed into bloodstream.  Therefore it help prevent arteris being clogged by cholesterol.  Shaklee Phytocol has natural compounds as sterols and stanols, and i consume that to fill in the gaps of the nutrient needed by my body.

Red wine is said to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease but i take Vivix instead, its much focused on polyphenol resveratrol originating from muscadine grapes.  Resveratrol help protecting cells and DNA, regulating a healthy blood sugar and even support hormones that play a role in blood pressure.

Palpitation a sensation that your heart has skipped a beat or added an extra beat. It feel like your heart is racing, pounding, or fluttering even when you are not doing any active activity.  It could be caused by the heart muscle become thicker than normal and this condition interferes with your heart's ability to pump blood.  Ostematrix could help to relax the heart musles to work better.

Studies has shows that garlic is a natural blood pressure reducer by its enzyme called allicin that help to relax blood vessels.  But allicin is much destroyed during cooking, instead of eating raw crushed garlic, i opt for Shaklee Garlic complex.

If you have high blood pressure problem, Exercise daily and eat healthy is the best way to control the BP apart from the daily medication.  But you could supplement your daily diet to support your health too.

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