Assalamualaikum wbt,

Wawa terjumpa dari penulisan seseorang dan wawa patut share dengan korang. Wawa rasa semua orang pernah lihat mereka. Setiap malam jam 12 pun belim tentu lagi mereka dapat balik rumah. Sedih wawa baca, tapi bangga ada yang sanggup berkorban diri demi orang lain.

Warning .. I was not prepared for this. 

This morning we had breakfast with Idaman. A company that handles waste.
During our opening speech, the boss says that this is the first time public ever comes here and offer breakfast. He says that normally people look down upon tukang angkat sampah. 

All are Malaysian who are working here. All men except 1 lady who is like a mother to the younger staffs.
While he said all this, the workers were nodding. Take note.

When it was my turn to speak, I told them when I told a very high profile person that we are having breakfast with Idaman the question back was "What for?"
Well,  its our way to say Thank You. Its not enough actually,  but this is the best way we can do.

Later, breakfast is served. I started to mingle. They were very guarded and reserved at first, took a while to warm up. But I need to hear and chat with them.Here are the stories... 

Encik betul, memang orang pandang hina, pandang rendah pada kami. 

How I asked, what do they say...

They looked at me closely. Nak dengaq ke? You really want to know. I said yes. Very much.

When they see us, they start covering their nose. Its very sad, it is their rubbish that smells and not us. Sometimes, they use thin plastic bags, they fill it up with nasik basi, isi perut ayam and ikan and it became heavy. After overnight it starts to rot. When we pick it up, the thin plastic breaks, and the whole place stinks. We clean it up. And you cover your nose.

Sometimes,  when we are working in our own neighbourhood,  our own neighbours don't even look at us. They "kelih" ke lain (Look away). Worse, our own siblings does that to us too. As if we are strangers. As if we are nobody. That hurts.

When they saw us coming, they just dump their garbage bag on the side and run. Even if there is a dumpster, they just put it at the side. It is hard. Kami tak ganggu orang.

Add another one. When all this happens on a daily basis (close their nose and ignore their existence)  we are so scared to even go for a drink after work. If we wear our uniform,  we will be judged.  Some ask us to sit outside. We just follow.  We are too tired and needed a drink.
But if we go there same place dress like others, then people will greet us. Sometimes we forget that we are not in uniform, we also still feel guarded with our surroundings.

Encik Mi, takde sapa tak nak hidup senang. But this is our fate. Add on value that we do is pray hard and pray more. In material world we are lacking. Add to the inhuman act by others towards us, no one can understand. "Encik Syed paham kot waktu dulu pegang anjing kena kutuk satu Malaysia "
I said I do understand. 
Tapi kami semua teringin hidup senang.

Janganlah buat tak kenai kami. Sedih. In Perlis, the educated ones would at least smile and ask simple question like, "jaga kawasan ni ye?". That is enough. To feel appreciated.

So far,no one says anything verbal to hurt them unintentionally. 

Cara Encik Azmi dan kengkawan baguih  bawak mai sarapan dengan Teh panas. Sejuk hati. Sayu pun ada. Kadang-kadang orang tinggai Makanan untuk kami atas tong sampah, bila bukak, basi. Yang kat pagi ni, rasa macam hotel. Berapa encik Mi bayaq?
Its from Tamakpahala Collective Fund.  From the public. Thank you everyone! 

I chat with around 5 pax this morning. They were not whining.  They are proud of their job. They are happy to have a good boss and admitted that the company takes care of them very well.

I am glad our team choose this type of programme. This is one way how public can be involved. A simple breakfast, a chat. Do it in a group. Do it as a family.

My name is Syed Azmi.  Yes I did the IWTTAD programme and proud of it. But I am not blinded over one event. There is so much more to explore in our society.

Small world of small lamb 

I am trying to dare any radio station to call our tukang angkat sampah and interview them. Get their story out!