Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hai semua! Selamat hari Merdeka.")
Ke mana percutian kalian hari ini? Wawa selamat sampai ke Jeti Pulau Kapas. Sempena cuti merdeka tahun ini wawa ajak suami jalan-jalan pusing pulau.Hehe

Sempat wawa berblogwalking dan baca sedikit info tentang anti-oksidan. So, wawa kongsikan dengan korang semua. Bacaan ni wawa ambil dari Dr Halina, penerangan yang sangat mudah dari seorang doktor. 

What is anti-oxidant?

Anti-oxidant is a natural compound in our food that helps neutralises free-radicals in our body.
*nerd mode on*
Free radicals are the “bad guy” and anti-oxidants are the “good guy”. A free radical is an atom with at least one unpaired electron in our body cell. Since it has lost an electron, it needs to stabilise itself by ‘stealing’ an electron from a nearby molecule.
Where does free-radicals come from?
Easy.. I found this from the internet..
Basicly, it’s all around us, in our environment!!

Now is the part where you should ask me.. “Is that my problem?”

My answer is “Yes, it is our problem!!” Haha.. This is because whatever the free radical touches and ‘steal’ the electron (please refer to the paragraph above!!), it will damage it!! (because one of the electron is stolen, remember?)

As an example, if the free radical touches the DNA, it can cause mutation that can lead to many diseases like cancer…

Do you get me?? It’s like a chain reaction, the more things free radical touches (and steal the electron!), the more cells will get damage.. until, it binds to… ANTIOXIDANT!!!

Taddaaaaaa…. Get it?!!

Thats why antioxidant is important!!

So basically, anti-oxidant is important as an anti-aging, anti-inflammatories, and it helps to boost the immune system.

To all the vain pots (and that includes me..) you must be wondering.. how does it helps with the skin, right? Easy, if you have healthy skin cells, you will have much less problems with pigmentations (hence the whitening effect and indirectly anti-oxidant will function as a sunblock!), fine lines and acne.
Get it??

Haaaaa.. that’s why we, mere mortals need anti-oxidant!

Semoga bermanfaat..")

Tahukah anda, Shaklee juga mempunyai produk antioksidan yang dapat menghalang radikal bebas dari terus menginap di dalam tubuh kita. Jom wawa tunjuk dekat korang..")